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Friday, June 23, 2017

Serge Modular by RandomSource Development Videos

Published on Feb 9, 2015 Random*Source

1. Serge Modular by RandomSource
In collaboration with and under license from Serge Tcherepnin, Random*Source will offer a range of Serge modules, combining the original Serge circuits with the advantages of today's technology.

2. Serge Variable Slope Filter (VCFS) for Euro by Random*Source
Some basic waveforms run through the Serge Variable Slope Filter (VCFS) for Euro - available very soon from Random*Source under license and in cooperation with Serge Tcherepnin.

The R*S version of the filter features high-end THAT VCAs and a Q knob to increase the resonance and sonic range covered by the unique filter.

3. Serge DSG Random*Source (prototype) tracking comparison
Comparing the tracking of the (left side of the) TimeGen Oscillator in the STS Creature (tuner on the left) with the new version of the Random*Source DSG/DUSG (tuner or the right). The Serge DSG is an extremely versatile module which can be used as a oscillator, however, it is much more than that and not primarily designed as an oscillator (and is not temperature-compensated). Traditionally the tracking is rather limited, but I'm quite happy with the the new R*S version (prototype) which is quite accurate over more than 2 octaves even with the most challenging waveform (negative sawtooth = RISE set to max).
Both modules were tuned to C and identical waveforms (SAW) and played using a keyboard and the 1V/Oct input.

4. Serge DSG mk2 - geometry
This is a quick demo showing some of the amazing waveforms generated by the Serge DSG mk2 (4U version) by Random*Source - this is not inteded to sound nice! One side is the normal output, the other the new Pulse (square) output. A Serge 8-step sequencer is used to modulate, no other modules used.

5. Serge DSG mk2 1V/Oct tracking test
Testing the tracking of the new Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DSG) mk2 by Random*Source. While the DSG traditionally tracks only over 1-2 octaves, I could get the DSG mk2 (in a best case scenario) cover 4 octaves up to 440 Hz ...

6. Random*Source Serge DSG mk2 and Variable Slope Filter (VCFS)
Testing a newly built Serge VCFS using an updated pcb layout and some radical part choices ... single patch, LOWPASS and BANDPASS out recorded as a stereo track. Serge DSG mk2 acts as a sound source... Filmed with a BMPCC and Angenieux 4X17B, graded in Davinci Resolve

7. Serge NTO Waveforms
Quick demo of the basic waveform outputs of the Serge New Timbral Oscillator by Random*Source - including the new PULSE out, the VARIABLE OUT and some feedback patching for the VARIABLE OUT to get more amazing wave shapes ...
The NTO Variable Out does *not* blend or mix the normal waveforms, but is a unique (voltage controlled) waveshaper. This can be used to feed the normal outputs (e.g. SINE or PULSE) back into the VC VAR input for a whole range of new shapes.

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