Monday, June 19, 2017

Vintage Moog The Rogue Analog Mono Synthesizer w/custom Case SN 4866

via eBay

"Here's another piece of analog synth history, the classic Moog Rogue (one of the last mono Moogs, and one of the last models to be made all in-house).

Overall working condition is great; the noise slider (in the mixer/overdrive section) is a little finicky and sometimes causes sound to cut out. It's probably a connection that needs cleaning and/or soldering... definitely a small fix, as I seldom have run into issues, and only when I'm live tweaking that slider.

Additionally, the pitch and mod wheels have some paint on them (pictured) but this doesn't in any way affect performance. All other knobs/sliders function brilliantly, and the sound is...well...there's simply nothing like it (except maybe, the MiniMoog)

The auction includes a custom-built hard case with foam inserts (pictured). "

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