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Monday, July 24, 2017

DrumFire DF-500 5 Channel Analog Drum Synthesizer w/ Extras

via this auction

"In-Line Effects DrumFire DF-500

5 Channel Analog Drum Synthesizer

w/ 5 Triggers PLU Extras in Original box, documents, I am the original buyer and only used this for a brief time. Excellent physical condition, super clean for it's age. It has been tested and fully functional. It has never been damaged, dropped, or repaired in any way- it works perfectly!

In addition, I have the original box, set of like-new tone templates, preset document, and one copy of the original color brochure.

It includes all 5 original piezoelectric pick-up cables. The DRUMFIRE 500 has 5 separate channels to let you set 5 different electronic drum sounds: synth, hand claps, super kick, laser drum, wet drum, etc.

The unit also has stereo headphone outs, foot switch in and Stereo outs with individual level control.

DRUMFIRE's 5 piezoelectric pickups convert mechanical energy into electrical impulses. They can be fastened easily to any surface on your drum or rims.

Each channel has 8 parameter controls.

Sensitivity: Controls input sensitivity.

Oscillator Decay: Controls decay time of oscillator sound.

Noise Decay: Controls decay time of noise sound.

Sweep: Modifies oscillator frequency.

Pitch: Changes oscillator pitch.

Balance: Controls balance between oscillator and noise level.

Volume: Controls output volume.

Pan: A right and left balance control. Also allows dual output on right and left jacks.

Click: Mixes the triggers click with the oscillator.

Each channel has an input jack for trigger, and an output jack for individual output to a P.A., mixer or amplifier.

There is also a Master Volume Level Control, a Left Channel Output Level Control and a Right Channel Output Control.

Headphone output."

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