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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Moog Sonic 6 SN 1627

via this auction

"The Moog looks excellent but the Contour Shaper, the articulator.. envelope shaper has been “broken” for a few years. At its prime the Moog’s tone oscillators where crystal clear, able to use saw-tooth waves, sine waves square waves and combine them in any way imaginable. Ring modulation, control generators, triggers, white noise, pink noise and pitch scalers could produce anything from a Bach invention to microtonal avant-garde radical compositions. As you can see from the pictures there are a few knobs missing...but the sliders are intact.

This Moog could be restored and back in shape for you to enjoy or sell.

The Moog Sonic 6 is a very interesting synthesizer and a rare find. It folds into a its own case and has its own built in speaker. I enjoyed using the Sonic VI for sound effects and for typical Moog type synth sounds and other sounds you expect from an analog synth. It has 2 oscillators, a ring modulator, sweet moog lowpass resonant filter, mixer section, TWO LFO's, adjustable scaling for microtones, VCA / envelope generator and external input for processing outside sources, gliss, pitchbender, 4 octave keyboard, etc. It's a really flexible synth and fun to play."

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