MATRIXSYNTH: Andrew Huang + White Noises ∿ Eurorack Ambient

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Andrew Huang + White Noises ∿ Eurorack Ambient

Published on Oct 26, 2017 White Noises

"Recently I got the chance to visit Andrew's studio and patch our modular systems together -- here's one of the performances we came up with!...

Patch Notes

∿Mystical Loop∿
Dual Looping Delay looping a sequence performed with Pressure Points, controlling Chord and Clouds. The output from the DLD is then processed again by Clouds #2, performed by Andrew.

∿Swelling Sub~
STO sub output going into MA35 VCA/F in low-pass mode. Cutoff controlled by Batumi, attenuated by Maths and performed by Greg.

∿Shimmering Pad∿
Chord #2 mix output, major 7 chord. Waveform parameter controlled by 2HP LFO, attenuated by Maths #2 and performed by Andrew.

All sounds fed into Frames for mixing, with levels performed by Greg.

Modules used
∿ Chord (x2) by Qu-Bit Electronix
∿ Clouds (x2) and Frames by Mutable Instruments
∿ Pressure Points, STO, and Maths (x2) by Make Noise
∿ Dual Looping Delay by 4MS
∿ MA35 VCA/F by Manhattan Analog
∿ Batumi by XAOC Devices
∿ LFO by 2HP
∿ Performer Series case by mdlrcase
∿ 7U 104HP case by Intellijel

∿ Listen to my music on Bandcamp:
∿ Instagram patch walkthroughs & photos: @gregwht
∿ See my full rack on Modular Grid:
∿ Twitter: @gregwht
∿ Website:

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