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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Acidlab Drumatix Analog Drum Machine Synth TR-606 Clone

via this auction

"The instruments origins are mostly from the 606 but they have been partially expanded by parameters or other Roland drums have been used:

Bassdrum1+2: The Bassdrum1 is similar to an 808-Bassdrum with its `down-pitch`, and the parameters Tune and Decay. The Bassdrum2 is the 606-Bassdrum with the Parameters Tune and Decay.

Snaredrum1+2: The SnareDrum1 is the 606-SnareDrum (similar to the 808-SnareDrum with a low Tone-setting), with an additional parameter Snappy. The SnareDrum2 is similar to the 808-SnareDrum with a high Tone-setting and a more aggressive Snappy parameter.

LowTom + HighTom: Each of the 606-Toms has got a Tune parameter.

RimShot + HandClap: The RimShot uses the 808 sound-circuit. The HandClap-circuit is very close to the

HandClap of a DR-110.

Cymbal: The 606-Cymbal sound-circuit has the additional parameters Tone and Decay, like an 808.

HiHats: The HiHats are identical to the HiHats from a 606. There are additional Decay parameters for the

OpenHiHat and for the ClosedHiHat.

The seqeuncer offers six modes between which you can change on the fly; then copy/paste (in Pattern Play mode) and variable pattern lengths. The patterns can be chained. Four scales are available. There are two shuffle types (TR-909 and CR-8000), adjustable in 5 steps each. Patterns can be saved into 12 memory locations.

The Drumatix drum machine can be sychronized to MIDI Clock or to DIN-Sync. In MIDI Sync mode it can emit DIN Sync. Each instrument can be played directly with MIDI notes 36-46, above velocity level 100 the instrument is played with accent."

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