MATRIXSYNTH: WP-20 Experimental Synthesizer - Noise, FX, Drone

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

WP-20 Experimental Synthesizer - Noise, FX, Drone

The WP-20 is an MFOS DIY synth. You can find a couple of demos and other user designs in the archives.

"Here is a quick demo of me noodling around on my custom built WP-20 Synthesizer. There is reverb added. The last 4 minutes or so are two tracks of WP-20, with one track run through the Cimmerian Caves dual echo unit + CV and Gate input from my modular system."

via this auction

"Selling my hand made WP-20 Synthesizer. Keep in mind this is hand made (etched the circuit board myself!), and it has an appearance as such (see photo's). The panel lettering is hand painted with a clear coat of varnish over top. The end cheeks are stained oak.

It can best be described as an experimental / FX / drone synthesizer. It has the following circuits:

- One VCO synthesizer (square or triangle wave) with external CV input
- One LFO (square or triange/sawtooth) with multiple destinations. It will get into audio freq.
- One loopable Envelope generator (attack & release) which can be triggered via trig button or externally and it can also loop and act as a second LFO, with multiple destinations. It will also get into audio freq.
- One VCF with Hi/Low Resonance
- One VCA
- One Noise source

I have used it in conjunction with my eurorack modular to control the pitch CV and gate input (for the Envelope generator) and it works great. It comes with a North American power supply, but will run on any 9v DC (center negative) power supply with at least 500mA

Don't expect this to act as a traditional synthesizer, its an odd little machine!"

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