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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Details on BugBrand's new Chirper Semi-Modular Mini Synth

You might remember the video of Chirper posted here. Full details are now in:

"Chirper is a semi-modular arrangement of two oscillators and one filter - a simple setup which belies the rich sonic surprises contained within. It is a direct continuation of Molnet, which itself was something of a reaction to my long-evolving Weevil works - after 10+ years I was feeling the call for new pastures and, while I enjoyed their deep electronic ecosystems, the lo-fi Weevil circuitry was never suitable for voltage-controlled work. The solution was to tweak ideas I'd been using in the SynthVoice, slightly simplifying some circuits to bring about an instrument with enticing layout and a fine balance of limitation vs. possibility.

Have a look at the Block Diagram above to see how Chirper is put together:

- the two Voltage-Controlled Oscillators are identical, with wide range (approx 0.15Hz to 100kHz) and sweepable from Triangle to Square.

- each oscillator has a Sync input along with Internal (from the other oscillator) and External (1V/Oct) Modulation controls. Things go nutty when the oscillators cross-modulate each other!

- the Voltage-Controlled Filter, with resonance up to self-oscillation and sweepable from Low-pass to High-pass, is fed audio from the 1st Oscillator (via Drive control) and is modulated by the 2nd Oscillator and/or an External (1V/Oct) source.

Of course, there is no internal VCA, so do be prepared for drones! [complimentary modules are in the pipeline] Note also that the 1V/Oct responses of the Oscillators and Filter are only quite accurate - fine for good tracking over a few octaves - and does not feature temperature compensation. Chirper was designed more as a surprise box than a well-pitched synth, but I saw it as a bonus to add simple 1V/Oct response.

4mm banana sockets are used for all I/O other than the Main Output which is 1/4" Mono Impedance Balanced. The Instruction Sheet has details of interfacing with banana cables.

Interface and/or banana cables are available.

Chirper is typically supplied in Standalone form as shown - enclosed in a custom aluminium case with PCB material front and side panels, dimensions approx 5.25" x 7.5" x 3.5", and with internal DCDC converter. Power - 12V DC 300mA supply, centre-positive, 2.1mm connector - worldwide 90-240VAC wall-wart provided with interchangeable mains plug adaptors.

Price: £320 (+VAT in EU -> £384) + Shipping

Chirper can also be supplied as a module to fit into larger BugBrand systems using Powered Frames - make contact direct.

The module draws approx 55mA per side.

Module Price: £280 + VAT + Shipping."

via BugBrand.

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