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- Free MATRIXSYNTH T-Shirt, cards & magnet, and the exclusive baseball cap for those who sign up for $10 a month or more.
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The following is a list of current members of the site in order of appearance.

  1. Tim Webb - host of the excellent discchord site for Music App News, Reviews & Tutorials. You'll also find him on Patreon, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and MATRIXSYNTH.
  2. Dr Blankenstein - maker of awesome gear: http://www.drblankenstein.com/, YouTube, Twitter, eBay, MATRIXSYNTH.
  3. rosynth on eBay
  4. Todd Barton - http://toddbarton.com, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, MATRIXSYNTH
  5. John Fackler
  6. Retro Synth Ads - best resource on the web for scans of vintage synth brochures & adverts.
  7. mckenic - YouTube, MATRIXSYNTH
  8. Porter Vance - SoundCloud, Mixlr, eBay
  9. Robert Watt
  10. Ninstrument
  11. Jacques Mongrel aka Pinwale Sounds - YouTube, MATRIXSYNTH.
  12. Uni-Fi Sound
  13. Seth Elgart aka boxoftextures - YouTube, Twitter, Facebook
  14. Lorne Hammond
  15. Florian Anwander - homepage, R is for Roland
  16. Adam Cobell - SoundCloud
  17. Houston - YouTube, Malfunkn on Facebook
  18. David C. Lovelace - http://umop.com
  19. David Townsend - Electro Lobotomy - Etsy shop - Website/Blogger - YouTube
  20. Lost in Stars - Twitter, Facebook, Website, Patreon
  21. Chase Kanooth
  22. disconnector
  23. Dave Bessell - YouTube, Website, Facebook, Facebook for Node
  24. KNOBZ.NET - A place for avant-garde sound design, abandoned places, electronica and synthesizer programming.
  25. Erik Suykens
  26. Randy Piscione
  27. BoBSwanS - SoundCloud, YouTube
  28. Michael Turner-Craig
  29. Deep Signal Studios - Vintage synthesizer rentals in Los Angeles as well as vintage sequencer file conversion and synth track recording.
  30. verstaerker - SoundCloud, BandCamp, Twitter, YouTube, MATRIXSYNTH
  31. Ramachandra Borcar - http://www.ramborcar.com/
  32. Richard Reger
  33. Matthew Ashmore - SoundCloud
  34. Oren Levy - http://www.auxren.com/, MATRIXSYNTH
  35. -=stereofect=- - YouTube, MATRIXSYNTH
  36. Miguel Frasconi - SoundCloud, YouTube, BandCamp, iTunes
  37. Mt Indigo - http://www.mtindigo.com, Bandcamp, SoundCloud
  38. Symbion Project - SoundCloud, Tumblr
  39. Christophe Duquesne
  40. Pierre Fontaine - YouTube
  41. Daniel Lacey-McDermott - Captain Credible
  42. Rob / VolcaRock
  43. fmw
  44. Alex Timchak
  45. Boomer - LASynthCo.com
  46. Matthew
  47. Jan Ostman - DSP Synthesizers
  48. Mark Boyd - http://www.endangeredaudioresearch.com/, Bimini Road, Audulus, SoundCloud
  49. The Art Of Sound! - SoundCloud
  50. Norhythmic aka Miles Briand - SoundCloud, YouTube
  51. Ryan Gaston
  52. chrisgr99
  53. alexstelsi
  54. Chris Irvine
  55. Old Beats - Old Beats YouTube, Old Beats Experiments YouTube
  56. Anonymous
  57. Dom Sparkes
  58. Ocsprey - Twitter
  59. Jesus Santaeularia
  60. Michael
  61. mark john williamson - YouTube, SoundCloud
  62. Brant
  63. ngarjuna - YouTube, BandCamp
  64. Joel Braverman - SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter
  65. Roberto Jordan - Cat Full of GHOSTS!!!
  66. Ross Healy - Vicmod Records, Bandcamp, MATRIXSYNTH
  67. Parralox
  68. Michael Beim
  69. zero11zero
  70. Simo Saukko
  71. Bill Smith
  72. Meris - http://www.meris.us
  73. Reed
  74. doktorfuture
  75. Aaron Kwiatek aka Phone Records - YouTube, SoundCloud
  76. Daniele - bio-electric on eBay, scienceforce on YouTube
  77. Microbe Modular
  78. Bakis Sirros - Parallel Worlds, Facebook
  79. Gabriel Jaluize
  80. Lars Erlandsson - techsmechs
  81. Caroline Swords - Ripcord
  82. Simon Smith
  83. Manecolooper - http://manecolooper.tripod.com
  84. Chris David a.k.a. OSC1899 - http://www.osc1899.com/, YouTube
  85. Andrew Hadjiantoni
  86. Stardust Covers - http://www.stardustcovers.com
  87. Chris Meyer - Learn Modular Synthesis, Lynda.com
  88. Justin Sullivan - YouTube, SoundCloud
  89. Chris Spies
  90. Juno Ju-X - http://ju-x.com
  91. Sylvain Stoppani
  92. Singularity80
  93. PRINZTRONIX - http://prinztronix.com/, YouTube
  94. Joseph Milazzo - Krog360 on YouTube
  95. Jim Butler
  96. Dreams of Wires - YouTube, Facebook
  97. Elinch - YouTube, http://www.buerografic.com/
  98. Buckey Hamman
  99. Chad Beckwith
  100. Daniel Melia-Moore
  101. wml
  102. damon ramierz - YouTube
  103. Rik Marston aka SynthgodXXX - YouTube, Sample Sets for sale
  104. batchas - YouTube
  105. Sonic Detours - YouTube
  106. Craig Sue - The Secret Life of Synthesizers, SoundCloud
  107. Russell Butler - YouTube
  108. Doudoroff
  109. Derek Morton
  110. Christopher Scapelliti
  111. Grant
  112. Ryan Spinoglio - YouTube, SoundCloud
  113. Ian Richter - Bandcamp
  114. Andras Kiss
  115. Martin Schramm aka op top stop - Bandcamp
  116. Robert Shipe aka Red Beats - Reverb Nation, Twitter, GumRoad
  117. Matt Hunsberger
  118. Garrick Charter
  119. Pierre Klein - fukakoryoku on eBay
  120. Justin Maxwell
  121. Weinglas - YouTube
  122. Ben Allen - codemechanic
  123. Gino Birgelo
  124. Darin Payton
  125. Peter Michael Mahr - https://www.petermmahr.com, SoundCloud
  126. Zack Nelson
  127. Roberto Jordan
  128. David Kronemyer
  129. The Tuesday Night Machines - YouTube, PixelNoises Synth T-Shirts
  130. Gibran Curtiss Salomao
  131. Greg Cole - Empty Vessel Sound Design - Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube
  132. teknozem23
  133. blackdogpapa
  134. Oleksandr Mylnikov - SounCloud
  135. Derek Dillane
  136. David Bivins
  137. Stephen Kankus
  138. Trevor Baker - NoizeHack on YouTube, http://noizehack.com/
  139. Full City Software
  140. Paul Schilling
  141. Tom Whitelock
  142. Matthew Maguire
  143. Robert Fischer
  144. Christopher Hudzik
  145. New Wave Presets
  146. Peter Anders aka MINDENGINE, YouTube
  147. Anonymous
  148. Alternate Tone Singapore - Keyboard and Piano Lessons, Free Tutorials, Facebook, Instagram
  149. Jeffrey Yuan
  150. Vocallective Records - Alter/Ego NATA Voice Synth
  151. Soundsdivine
  152. Chris Halstead
  153. David Haberfeld
  154. Christopher Luxton
  155. Lavender - www.lavendersynth.com, Facebook, Instagram
  156. freqn - http://freqn.com, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter