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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Leviathan :: Sputnik Modular Drone Patch

Published on Jul 22, 2018 Mike Thomas

"A drone patch heavily featuring the Sputnik Four-Tap Delay/Dual Crossfader module (with no crossfading :-)).

Patch Notes

Main Sound
Primary sound source is the Sputnik Dual Oscillator in AM & FM mode, receiving v/oct from Sputnik 5-Step Voltage Source. Timbre and Harmonics are being modulated by separate channels of the Sputnik Quad Function & Trigger Source. Modulation index is modulated by another channel of 5-Step Voltage Source.

Did I mention this is an all-sputnik patch? Well, it is, except for the reverb, which is a 2hp Verb.

The Final output of the DO is sent to Quad VCF/VCA in "Combo" (LPG) mode.

Delay Patching
Th output of the QVV is sent to input channel #1 of the Sputnik Four-Tap Delay/Cross-fader and multed to a channel of the 6-channel MIxer. Each of the delay taps is sent to a different channel of the mixer, with stereo panning applied. Two of them are on the CV-pannable channels, and these are modulated by the West Coast Random Source Fluctuating Random Voltage channels.

The secondary output of the 1/2t tap is patched into the Valve Multiplier (VCA) as the input source, with the Waveshape output of one of the Sputnik single oscillators as the modulator, The resultant two-quadrant multiplier output is sent to another QVV channel in filter mode and back into input #2 of the Delay. The QVV filter is modulated by another channel of the QFTS.

The secondary output of the 1t tap is fed back into the #3 input of the Delay.

The square output of the single oscillator above is sent into another channel of the Valve Multiplier, with another channel of the 5SVS modulating it.

Bass is the Waveshape output of a second Sputnik Oscillator with v/oct from the final channel of the 5SVS, fed through the WCRS Integrator (portamento/slew) circuit.

Production Notes
L/R modular-level signals from the Sputnik 6-channel Stereo Mixer were multed and sent to a) 1U Headphone Jack, and 2) Intellijel 1U I/O module, which send signal to the case-mounted 1/4" jacks. Signal was routed on to the Sony PCMD50 digital recorder.

Video produced at"

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