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Monday, October 15, 2018

AJH Synth Synthfest 2018

Published on Oct 15, 2018 DivKidVideo

1. AJH Synth Sample & Hold and Slew // Synthfest 2018
Here's the new Sample & Hold (SH / S&H) and Slew module from AJH Synth. It has a shapeable noise source and clock source on board alongside a gated slew circuit with linear and exponential control as well as your standard sample in and outs.
2. AJH Synth Fixed Filter Bank 914 // Synthfest 2018
Here's the rather tasty sounding Fixed Filter Bank 914 from AJH synth. I'm sure the 914 in the title resonates with a few Moog Modular fans out there. It's a low and high shelf/filter with completely isolating bands in between. There's odd/even or stereo outputs as well as CV blend-able mix output between the left and right bands and the dry and wet. So you can fully exploit the huge range of tones and shaping this can offer. Looking forward to getting this one in to demo.
3. AJH Synth Fixed Filter Bank 914 // Synthfest 2018
I really liked the Mega-Phase 12 from AJH Synth and now there's the new (totally uniquely named ... ) Next Phase! This is an updated version of the Mega Phase which a much lower noise floor, dual inputs with level control and a new colour control to tilt and shift the colour of the phasing. This was one of 4 new modules from Synthfest others below.
4. AJH Synth Updated Glide + Noise // Synthfest 2018
The Glide + Noise module was the only AJH Synth MiniMod module that wasn't skiff friendly. The new version is now a slim single re-designed board that's skiff friendly, now responds to negative CVs and has a huge 14 octave range. There's positive, both or negative only slewing, noise generation and a unique gated slew effect that was unique to the original Moog Minimoog Model D.

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