MATRIXSYNTH: Analogue Solutions Fusebox Goes Black with Patternator on Halloween

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Analogue Solutions Fusebox Goes Black with Patternator on Halloween

"Built-in Pattern Generation = Huge Creative Potential
With three flexible VCOs, a vibrant multimode filter, and lots of creative options for creating patterns, the Analogue Solutions Fusebox is a huge-sounding synth that's a ton of fun to manipulate in real time. Its built-in Patternator offers unique ways to create melodic loops and generate rhythms, and the arpeggiator can be used as a simple 16-step sequencer. When you've got a groove going, you can instantly transpose your sequence however you like with the Interval Generator — perfect for live performance. Complete with MIDI and CV connectivity, the Analogue Solutions Fusebox shows how much sonic power an analog monosynth can offer.

Built-in melodic potential and modulation capabilities
The Fusebox synth module offers a lot of creative potential even before you hook up your MIDI controller or sequencer. Its built-in arpeggiator can also be used as a 16-step sequencer, and you can use the Interval Generators to transpose your sequences on the fly. It gets really interesting when you start playing with the Fusebox's Patternator capabilities, which really impressed us at Sweetwater for its unique melodic potential. Generating patterns and rhythms with the Patternator becomes even more rewarding when you start tweaking the Beat knobs and CV controls to change your loops in real time.

Transpose your sequences six different ways
If your synths need to perform onstage, you'll definitely appreciate the Fusebox's Interval Generator controls. You have the ability to set six different transposition values and switch between them on the fly via backlit buttons.

Three orientation options
You can set up your Fusebox three different ways, and it only takes a few minutes with a screwdriver. Out of the box, it's oriented vertically, but you can reconfigure the wood end panels for horizontal (flat) orientation, which is great for desktop use. And if you purchase the optional rack ear brackets (sold separately), you can rack-mount the Fusebox in a standard equipment rack. It will take up seven rack spaces and will look awesome while doing so.

Analogue Solutions Fusebox Synthesizer Module Features:

- Analog monosynth with 3 voltage-controlled oscillators (saw/square waveforms)
- VCO 1 offers cross modulation and an octave switch
- VCO 2 has a Wide range switch for a broader tuning range down to LFO frequencies, and also Osc Sync
- VCO 3 also offers a Wide tuning range and a Triangle wave, and MIDI pitch control can be disabled to use as a free-running oscillator
- Also equipped with white noise and a sub oscillator (from VCO 3)
- 12dB multimode filter offers lowpass, bandpass, highpass, and notch modes
- Lots of melodic possibilities even without any external control
- Arpeggiator (with MIDI note out) can also be used as a simple 16-step sequencer
- Patternator offers unique ways to create and manipulate melodic loops on the fly
- Interval Generator allows you to transpose patterns on the fly
- Lots of CV connections for extensive modulation capabilities
- MIDI to CV converter with clock output for integrating with Eurorack modular rigs

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