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Friday, January 12, 2024

Verby Kicks and Plinky Clicks With Susie | LIL TECHNOBOX | WMD Crater, Addac T-Networks

video upload by Bilijie

"How you like your kicks? How you like your blips?
Big and boomy? Tight and snappy?
Clicky and poppy? Stiff and twangy?

This is the third in a short series of videos is all about making techno-ish dance music with a specifically-tailored eurorack case. This time we're comparing a short, brighter percussive kick to a darker, boomier kick using the same module WMD Crater. We're also adding some short plate reverb to the kick and toms so they start to ring out a bit. I find that makes the T-networks clicks and pops sound like Chinese New Year firecrackers.

Shout out to Susie

I'll be releasing completed mixes of these one-shot improvisations later this month.
To hear more of my work with modular techno, check out
Or buy stuff at
Also Spotify if you must

Acid Rain Constellation, Clank Chaos

WMD Crater, Addac 104 VC T-Networks, SSL Thundrum, Erica Synths Pico Drums, Prok Drums flashed as Music Thing Radio Music, Befaco Pony

WMD C4rbn

Bastl Aikido

Function generator:
Cosmotronic Delta V

Happy Nerding FX Aid

Mixing and EQ:
Worng Soundstage II, Nano CEQ, Make Noise XOH"

Saturday, January 06, 2024

Why Use A Modular Synth For Techno Production? Feat LIL TECHNOBOX

video upload by Bilijie

"So why make Techno (or any type of music really) with modular synthesizers? We all know it's relatively expensive. You can't save presets and recreating past work is hard, if not impossible. It's cumbersome. It's tough to learn. Is it worth it?

When it comes to making music in 2024, we each choose between many different options in hardware and software, and on this channel we'll investigate more about these options and hopefully have some fun making tracks together.

Unlike a lot of techno production, this track is improvised on the spot. I have a few patterns loaded into Constellation (8 track trigger sequencer lower left) that I programmed minutes before recording. There's no post-mixing or effects. It's literally straight out of the box into a 2 track recorder.

I like working this way as it forces decisions earlier, and there's no room to make "fix it in post" changes. You either get it or you don't, for better or worse.

How do you like to make music? What do you use? What's your workflow or technique? How do you stay motivated and inspired? Please let me know in the comments... it's a major subject of this channel going forward and I'm very curious!"

Sunday, November 19, 2023

"Latency To Cool Should Be Zero" Meet The Makers | Noise Engineering's Kris Kaiser & Stephen McCaul

video upload by Bilijie

"Noise Engineering’s Kris Kaiser and Stephen McCaul on building their eurorack modular synth company after leaving jobs in sound engineering and biology academia. What makes this process unique? How do they manage a squad of dedicated people? What is the best thing about being your own boss?

This video is NOT sponsored by Noise Engineering or anyone else

00:00 - Intro
00:39 - Why modular synthesizers?
02:43 - How is a modular synthesizer different from a more traditional synth?
04:18 - What does your job look like in 5 years?
05:51 - Does that uncertainty create a lot of stress? How do you deal with it?
07:13 - How did you decide to change careers to start Noise Engineering? What factors went into that?
09:08 - How did you know it was time to grow your company? What were you looking for?
11:00 - What are the pros and cons, in your opinion, for starting your own business?
12:46 - What are some major hurdles you and other eurorack companies are dealing with right now?
14:51 - How have these factors affected pricing? What goes into pricing your modules?
16:28 - What are some of your most important lessons from being in business all these years?
17:23 - What's one thing you did, or decision you made, that greatly helped you, your company, or your career?
18:25 - In your opinion, what are the keys to building and maintaining great relationships?
19:20 - When you have disagreements, or when things go wrong, how do you deal with that?
24:29 - What are your core values that you don't want to compromise?
27:52 - Walk us through your process from Idea to Creation?
33:41 - What's it like to finally release something (Xer Mixa) that you've been working on for years?
35:23 - So what happened to the Iteritas line (BIA etc) Why did it retire?
40:20 - Is the Versio line now the most popular product?
41:42 - What can be done about the lack of diversity in the Eurorack and modular synth community?
43:45 - What advice would you give a young person or someone seriously considering starting their own creative business?

Meet The Makers is a series of interviews and discussions about the creative forces behind small maker industries. These questions were created to help young artists and people new to the modular synth community discover more about the people who make the tools, their challenges, successes and lessons. Coming up 12/2/2023 we'll be live streaming a discussion with Steady State Fate founder Andrew Morelli.

Thanks Kris and Stephen for generously giving time to this project. And to Patrick O'Brien for providing amazing samples of Noise Engineering modules in action."

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