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Sunday, April 07, 2024

Morpheus | A tribute to Dave Rossum and E-mu Systems

video upload by Cinematic Laborat

"Back in the 80's, I used to own an E-mu Proteus 2 and the legendary Emulator IV sampler. I noticed the Morpheus, but I did not pay much attention to it, because I felt the Emulator could record samples AND do Z-plane synthesis. No idea what it was, never used it. But the Morpheus became an ambient legend because of those Z-Planes. The specs didn't make much sense. It offered three AHDSR envelopes and two complex 8-stage function generators per voice, where each stage could do something different and you could jump to a stage based on conditions (like key velocity) With the knowledge I have today I'd immediately say WOW.

E-mu Systems is gone (due to the PC/Mac), but Dave Rossum's creations live on in Eurorack. The Assimil8or could be compared to the Emulator sampler. Control Forge is the multi-segment conditional function generator and the Morpheus now only provides the Z-Plane filter. To get an idea, it's like a 3D wavetable for filters you can traverse with X, Y and Z coordinates mapped to frequency, morph and amplitude (not 100% sure).

So yes, I was thrilled to give it a try. I hooked up Plaits and a bunch of LFO's, only to discover it sounded like crap. Que? Yes. Plaits came in too hot so I had to use a VCA. Uncontrolled CV can make the Morpheus explode in extreme clipping which the module - and your 24 bit audio interface - can't possibly handle. So It needs a limiter too if you just throw CV at it. After one day of shooting video I was very disappointed and almost decided to put it back in the box and do something else. I checked videos from collegue YouTubers and it all sounded 'more is less' with the frantic filter changes, clicks, pops and digital harshness. Terrible. Was this it? It can't be. Not from Dave Rossum.

It's impossble to cut a long story short now, but I studied the old Morpheus brochure and listened to some orginal sounds. Then all the pieces fell together. It sounds best when used like the old E-mu. It needs a polyphonic source, a big pad or a collection of moody samples. It needs a clever function generator, like two chained Maths or a Buchla 281 quad function generator. Or a ZADAR! I tried a little proof of concept with Knobula Poly Cinematic and one Maths, and yes. This is the way. In the final patch I used BitBox with a bed of three layered samples (Emulator!) and three complex functions from Zadar, triggered by Maths. And there it was. A eurorack Morpheus doing true Z-Plane Synthesis."

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Lyra-8 Masterclass | Because we ain't no dummies.

video upload by Cinematic Laborat

"I wanted to share what I learned about Lyra-8, but I am no master. It's a bit pretentious to even call this a Masterclass, but I don't consider my audience as 'dummies' either. I guess the only true master out there is Vlad Kreimer, and I bet he's still learning Lyra-8.
It's a design, designed to escape the designer. It will play along for a while, but at some point it will just be impossible to control. Once you realize this, you're on your way becoming a master. You would not even try to control it and just enjoy where it takes you. So in a twisted way, Lyra-8 isn't hard to play, it's hard to accept it as it is. If you manage to master this, playing Lyra-8 is easy.

I truly enjoyed making this video, for myself and for you. I hope it will help, and I hope you'll enjoy it too. This video is dedicated to Eric, who is outthere somewhere waiting for the moment when I finally have some time on Zoom.

@somasynths #lyra8 #masterclass #tutorial"

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