Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Matrixsynth by The Packrat

The Packrat makes a short return from "The Matrix."
Whoah... Move over Keanu, he'll re-synthesize the shit out of you.
You can imagine my reaction when I saw this one sitting in my inbox.
Thank you Dave. BTW, if you don't know The Packrat, go here now, scroll and start with the thumbnail dated 2/23/05. Dave, did I say thanks? : )


  1. great!! packrat rules!!!


  2. Wow, a packrat original!

  3. Dave, are you going to make more packrat comics some day?..

    ps: yes,I am registered from now on..

  4. Hahaha! I miss drawing this varmint. Had to get in on the Matrixsynth custom logo act! I'm happy to support an awesome synth blog... I visit every day...

    Moogulator... I am still on friendly terms with K.M. but have no immediate plans to bring the strip back. Everyone get an email rally going & contact Ernie at the magazine. If there's enough of a brouhaha clamoring for the strip's return, then we shall see.

    :o) --Dave

  5. ok, lets start brouhahaing™ ;)
    I want it back..

    good work, but: I really don't want to ever see "your" (the packrat's) wife *G*

  6. I still have my packrat original ;)


  7. Moogulator, no worries there...we divorced earlier this year! She threw me and my 517 keyboards right the heck out.

    Just kidding. She kept the keyboards.

    Just kidding again. Only from my cold, dead hands...

    :o) Dave