Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Stribe

"The Stribe is an 8-channel multi-touch controller for music or video software.

1024 individually-addressable LEDs provide animated visual feedback."

More info here. via tobsenteque.

videos below

Stribe 0.1 (xenome) proto, sorta

stribe 0.1 - prototype works
YouTubes via soundwidgets (click for more)


  1. please tell me you didn't solder all 1024 LEDs and SMD diodes

  2. No, they are 10-element bargraph arrays. You still have to solder the leads, but they're all in a nice straight line. :) SMD's would be cool but I think a machine would do a better job.

    I like this video best:

  3. Oh, and there's a new forum where you can learn all about the Stribe and how to build one:

  4. Good to see The Stribe on here.