Monday, May 05, 2008

Waldorf Blofeld Editor

via BrunetteModels on Korg Forums.

"Fader for OSC volume doesn't work yet. It's a problem of Waldorf, not the script of this editor. Should be fixed later. After edit, new name of patches you have to save in the Blofeld, not by the editor.

Author: Wojciech Chabinka.

Waldorf Blofeld [ca. 600 kB]"

via swissdoc on the Walorf forum:
"It is done with the Extreme Midi Mixer. Time to brush up your Polish skills..."


  1. Thanks,

    I have sampled THE Gary Numan "CARS" sound Vox humana and made a FREE version available for the blofeld (with sl) and keyboard.

    Download here:


  2. Ehy man.. you're a JESUS kind man! VERY THX ^^

  3. Man, I wish someone (like Waldorf?) would make an editor or at the very least a librarian for the Mac. At least half of musicians must use the Mac, and there are over 1,000 patches in the's incomprehensible that there'd be no way to manage all those patches in this day and age.