Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Steampunk Analog Modular Synth

Jules Vernian Analog Synthesizer
"Peter wrote me a while back with some pictures of his latest project, a Jules Verne inspired analog synthesizer with etched brass control panels. Now, I cut my teeth on a vinyl copy of Switched-On Bach and I've been a fan of analog synth heroes Tangerine Dream since High School. So I was very excited to see this.

Peter used the electrolytic etching process that I've previously worked with to etch the control panels for his synthesizer. The synth is designed to be modular and re-configurable so Peter was looking for a process that could be repeated in-house at any time in the future should he wish to add or change modules."

You can find the full post with interview and more pics on The Steampunk Workshop. via JackAstro

YouTube via flowerseven
"I'm using the drum machine as a trigger for the filter envelope."


  1. I grabbed a shot of the coolest vernier knobs I have ever seend at AHNE:


  2. for steampunk , why is everything so pretty? why is nobody doing stuff with a gothic edge? like something out of frankensteins lab ? that's what i'd do ..

  3. yeah, needs more jacob's ladders