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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MFX24 24 BIT F/X circuit bent effects

via this auction
You might remember the MFX24 from this video. Currently there only appears to be one for sale, but here's a link to the seller's listings in case more get added over time.

"The MFX-24 is a compact portable effects processor that has been designed with the circuit bending and electronica culture in mind, with a retro design, straight forward interface design and small form factor makes it the perfect companion for your gigs.

Don't be fooled by it size! It has a full blown 24 bits processing engine with 15 amazing presets like reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser,tremolo, Pitch shifter...it also acts like a synthesizer with a sine wave generator that can create an extremely low powerful bass and also a random lfo generator!

3 independent controllers for real time manipulation, control 3 different aspects of the selected preset for unique sounding effects in real time!

BIGHEAD_ELECTRONICS is proud to bring you this homebrew product, designed and built in my home garage(Steve Jobs style!!)"

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