Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Korg Sigma Service Manual

via Loscha:

"Hello everyone.
No-one has this online, and I've been meaning to share it for quite some time.

This is the Korg Sigma Synthesizer service manual in it's entirety."

mirrored here


  1. Absolutely awesome! Thanks very much for sharing this. I bought my Sigma from David in the Netherlands last year, it's the exact same one as featured in this YouTube video:

    It had 9 broken Instrument tabs when I bought it; I have managed to fix these without the schematic diagram (with lots of reference to the Korg X-911 service manual) but having the full Sigma schematics will be incredibly useful for further modifications.


  2. Info about modifications to my Korg Sigma posted here:

  3. thanks so much for posting this! im trying to repair a Sygma which works fine, but one instrument stopped sounding (only very quiet now) i have no idea if its just a broken switch (i suspect not...)