Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mini 106 - Three Octave Mini Modded Roland Juno-106

Remodeling by R.BOX 106 mini

AKA the Junior-106 (click and scroll for prior posts including video).

via Loren, spotted on digimart for ¥49,800 (612.322 USD)

Update: according to thegoodbutcher, this was a Juno-106s - the Juno-106 with built in speakers. There's also the HS60 which had a different color scheme and built in speakers as well.


  1. Beautiful work! That's a chopped Juno-106s (the one with the speakers that's NOT the HS-60).

    The 106s and HS-60 are better candidates for a "Juniorizing" because they have all the electronics underneath the center panel and keyboard. You cutoff the speakers, cutdown the keyboard, and that's most of the job.

    But the 106s is probably the best, because you have the simple chop job AND you get to keep the Juno color scheme.

  2. On 2nd look, that lowest key is a bit punky - kinda hard to play half a key...?

  3. Goodbutcher - it's a homage to Harry Partch