Thursday, March 03, 2011

MATRIXSYNTH Card in the Wild

Pic in via 7thDanSound whose videos are frequently featured here.

New cards and magnets are in. These are somewhat of a limited run. Out of 3000 cards printed only 1000 or so met the bar and I had to go through three printers to finally get them. The green fluorescent ink and extra gloss coating required a special printing process. They were pricey and difficult to make due to the black being less forgiving. Because of this future batches will probably not have the extra coating.


  1. I got them today + the magnet. Very nice - thanks !

  2. Question : What is better than a Minimoog ?
    Answer : Two Minimoogs !

  3. Hey Matrix, are these the new ones you sent my way that you are referring to here? The green is much brighter and the black glossier versus the first ones you sent me. Collector's items? I again transformed all of my cards into magnets. Thank you for such a wonderful site.

  4. Depends on when you got them. You might actually have even more rare cards from the first of three printers. If the font is bold vs. not bold they are super rare. If the font is the same as the first then they are the latest batch.