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Friday, January 11, 2013

Soundscape No 2, Inner World

Published on Jan 9, 2013 Igor Vasiliev·6 videos

"New video on one of my music impression. Warhol has some influence on perception of this composition. Details on:"

Details on what's going on in the track directly via Igor:

"First, it's a live improvisation recorded on an old well-known four track portastudio Tascam 424 mk III.  A bit about setup. From left to right - Doepfer Dark Time analog sequencer. It plays bass sequences on Moog Slim Phatty synthesizer (to the right from Tascam). Next, very interesting spiritual magic box called Garmonbozia from Vtol (man who invented and created this device). Why spiritual? Because it contain three Buddha machine inside. In fact, sound produced by this DIY box is very inspiring. Sound of this can hear at beginning composition about 0:18 and on.

At 0:52 start rhythmic sequencing from Korg Electribe EMX.
At 1:17 begin sounds Doepfer + Moog.
At 1:35 more intensive rhythms from Electribe.
At 1:52 it's also Garmonbozia.
At 2:55 Doepfer (random sequencing mode) + Moog.
At 3:10 sounds designed beforehand (from my own library) and playable from Roland SP-555 sampler.
At 4:42 resampled and processed sounds from Garmonbozia playable from Roland sampler.

it's all. I hope these small remarks also will be interesting for fans of musical experimentation as the final composition."

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