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Monday, August 08, 2016


via this auction

"This is the brand new Sensei Hybrid system from Studio Electronics. Full of sonic possibility and well equipped for fat analog and digital - hybrid sounds."

"SENSEI HYBRID resists analog purity for richly contrasting tones, modulation, and points of origin and purpose. Two stellar Eowave digital creations: the hypnotic and compelling CHARCOT CIRCLES: a 16 x 8 step sequencer, and STE. 16: a fiery, expansive, dual digital LFO, seem to have been waiting in the wings for just this moment to shine, as you might have guessed from their center-staging. Space Hardware's* GRAINY CLAMPIT: a granular and phase distortion additive oscillator, and QUADNIC: a 4 voice, 64 waveform digital oscillator, pair and push away from our pristine 8+ octave tracking discrete Class-A OSCILLATION module, in ways which must be experienced firsthand—a best of both worlds arrangement...

Three revered SE filters more than keep pace: SEM, 4075, and SE88."

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