Thursday, September 01, 2016

Custom Built Eurorack Synth with hand made studio suitcase

via this auction

"Awesome Eurorack synthesizer incased in a custom built 126 Hp x2 Walnut studio suitcase. Open in the back for easy switching of modules. The back also features two 4ms Row Power 30's. All Modules are brand new (but have been put in case). Bought and assembled for something new sonically but can't find the time to learn a new art form:( Boxes and manuals included.Modules include:

Tiptop Audio:
Clap 808
Mutable Instruments: Links, Peaks, Braids, Clouds, Tides, Warps
Make Noise: Maths, Phonogene, Tempi, Wogglebug
Intellijel: Linix, uScale (v2), Mult
Pittsburgh Modular: Lifeforms SV-1, In/Out, Blank 4Hp"

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