Friday, September 16, 2016

DANIEL BALAVOINE - Tous les cris les SOS

Published on Nov 11, 2012 loubboy Maitre

This one in via AHC:

"Rather famous French singer Daniel Balavoine, huge fan of Peter Gabriel at this time, was, as far as know, the second artist in France to buy the CMI Fairlight for his album 'Sauver l'amour'.

Here's a live version with a DX7 and Simmons drums

He used to play PPG Waveand TR 808 for this (and last) album."

Side note: Some of you might remember this one from 2010 here. That video was pulled from YouTube so I updated that post with this one.


  1. Great musicien, gone too early...

  2. Sledge Hammer9/17/16, 9:19 AM

    Also nice to see young Joe Hammer , THE master of Fairlight, besides hamemr drumming...