Monday, September 26, 2016

Roland TR-808 Expansion Sound Cartridge for the Sequential Circuits TOM

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MODEL '420' Drum Machine

Expansion Sound Cartridge:

Plug this cartridge into the cart slot of your vintage SCI TOM drum machine to instantly add 7 new drum sounds to your kit!

You get:
• thick & beefy 808 kick.
• punchy 808 snare and rim shot.
• classic 808 analog tom-tom
• crispy hi-hats
• classic claps and cowbell.

DRUMWARE sound cartridges were rare back in the day (1985-88) and even more rare today!

The cartridge is brand new, but the sounds contained inside are the original DRUMWARE sounds of the mid 80's.
This is a brand new reproduction of the vintage cartridge, a high quality circuit board enclosed in a custom designed & 3d printed outer plastic shell.


A very limited, hand built production run, so don't miss out!"

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