Saturday, October 29, 2016

Akai AX 60 Vintage Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Manual Signed by Trent Reznor

via this auction

"For sale Akai AX-60 analog polyphonic synthesizer with Hybrid travel case + original owners manual. Excellent condition.

Bought new in 1986 in Rochester NY. This is the synth that the popular 1986 song 'Watching Trees' was recorded with. Its a very solid, well built, heavy synth (48 lbs in the case). Synth in perfect condition. The arpeggiator trigger input was improved by Bruce Forat (inventor of the Linn Drums) to accept any and all CV signal voltages you send to it! This synth will tempo lock to any control voltage signal you send to it. Also has midi for tempo, but the arpeggiator CV input is the true old school trigger that has a different feel that really tempo locks nice to drum beats, more organic and analog.

Synth kit includes:
-Akai AX-60 polyphonic analog synthesizer
-Heavy duty Hybrid Hard Shell carry case with good foam and locking hasps still in excellent condition .
-Original owners manual (signed by Trent Reznor)"

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