Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ally Mobbs OP1 and MPC 500 on the Subway

Published on Sep 5, 2016 Ally Mobbs

"Playing beats with the Teenage engineering OP1 and Akai MPC 500 on the Subway in Kyoto, Japan.

video by The Double Cut https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuezgYLq5hBFH69yc2EyWXw"

akai mpc 500 teenage engineering op1 - chikatetsu beats - Ally Mobbs

Published on Jul 25, 2016 Ally Mobbs

"Beat making on the the Kyoto underground with akai mpc 500 and teenage engineering op1."

And let's get some air outside:

daimonji beats 3 Akai MPC 500 Ally Mobbs

Published on Jun 28, 2016 Ally Mobbs

"battery beats on a hill with the akai mpc 500"

MPC 500 Daimonji Beats by Ally Mobbs

Published on Jun 23, 2016

"Playing the mpc500 on a mountain overlooking Kyoto, Japan.


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