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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Important Notice on the Annual SYNTHMEETING Event Held in Torino Italy

This in via Francesco Mulassano of SYNTHMEETING:


I'm FRANCESCO MULASSANO of SYNTHMEETING (www.synthmeeting.com),

While we are working at the seventh edition of SYNTHMEETING to be held in Turin on 27/28 May 2017, we learned that a company based in Turin, has registered two web domains similar to our website domain.

We want to make it clear that these two domains have nothing to do whatsoever with the event titled SYNTHMEETING which has been organised since 2011 by FRANCESCO MULASSANO and LUCA TORASSO.

SYNTHMEETING is a registered brand, the same as the domain www.synthmeeting.com, which is the only correlated domain.

The SYNTHMEETING event is organised by the cultural association NOISECOLLECTIVE whose website is www.noisecollective.net.

The people of this association are:


The only valid communications regarding the SYNTHMEETING event will come to you, always and only, from these people, and from email addresses of @synthmeeting.com and @noisecollective.net.

Within the Executive Council of the Cultural Association NOISECOLLECTIVE are no commercial activities, companies or their representatives.

Requests, communications, newsletters or reports that may arrive on the SYNTHMEETING 'to' email addresses, other than those mentioned above, will not have any relationship with the SYNTHMEETING event and its staff.

Any questions or concerns can be sent to info@synthmeeting.com

Trusting in your collaboration,

Kindest regards,

Francesco Mulassano
Luca Torasso
Luca Minelli


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