Monday, October 10, 2016

Korg Trident

via this auction

"Configuration synthesizer, brass, in the three sections of the strings.

Synthesizer unit 2VCO, is constituted by a VCF of -24dB / Oct, memory can be the sound up to 16.
Brass section, such as VCF and envelope generators, unit of the synthesizer is built, polyphonic synthesizer way to use possible.

Strings section, including the Boeing to reproduce the effect of play in the bow, ensemble, rich effects such as vibrato, equalizer to adjust the sound quality, due to attack release to control the change of volume, a wide range of rich to change strings sound the realization.

Keyboard split also said that the features of the TRIDENT can brass, the same performance as the double-manual, such as strings in the bass section 2 octave to split the keyboard synth bass, treble section 3 octave. In addition, flanger to add movement and thickness of the sound is not only intense flanging effect, it is possible to obtain also the phase shifter effect and chorus effect. Others, joystick equipment pitch bend and vibrato can be controlled by hand."

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