MATRIXSYNTH: Modular Jam 60 'I Dream of What's-her-name'

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Modular Jam 60 'I Dream of What's-her-name'

Published on Oct 4, 2016 ngarjuna

Sequencing the Spectral Multiband Resonator

Published on Oct 4, 2016

There's a detailed video walkthrough of the SMR patches.

"Patch Notes
Acid Patch
I had a standard modular acid patch (Rubi - VCF303 - uVCA) but it lost the A-B comparison to Audiorealism ABL3 (the modular variant sounded equally good but with my CV input on the fritz I wasn't able to modulate the cutoff as wildly). I left the modular patch in the video, however, as videos of the computer screen look less interesting.
So the acid patch is ABL3 basically unprocessed.

Audio Damage Sequencer 1 is hitting the input of the SMR
Rotate controlled by CV3 sequence
There's a div/8 PEG envelope modulating resonance

Variation on the first SMR patch but with 2 gate sequences and a steady clock being applied to the level CV inputs on the SMR

Rene driving STO, 2 sequences that I'm manually shifting between (the first is 4 bars, the second is 2 bars)
STO Vari Out into Timbre Shape modulated by Wogglebug Smooth CV and linear FM'd by Sputnik VCO 2 (also tracking pitch)
Sequencer 1 slow LFO modulating Timbre
Into the Optomix enveloped by Maths Fall modulated by Wogglebug Stepped Out (Woggle clocked at 16th notes)
Delays in AD Dubstation

West Coast Bass
Sequencer 1 driving pitch, gate, accent
STO receiving pitch deeply linear FM'ing itself from Sub Out (required tuning adjustments) Vari Out into Optomix
Maths channel 1 for main envelope, channel 4 for accent envelope
Sum Out enveloping Optomix

Sputnik 1 set to a lower pitch receiving pitch from Seq1
Exp in set to inverted max receiving LFO from Seq1
FM In receiving another LFO from Seq1
Sputnik 2 set to a higher pitch also receiving pitch CV from Seq1
Maths envelope to inverted Exp In
FM In receiving from Sputnik 1
Sine Out into the Optomix being enveloped by Maths Both modulated by Wogglebug Stepped

Drums in iSpark with stems to AD Replicant instances"

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