Monday, October 24, 2016

Roland JUNO-6

via this auction

"The original juno 6 is known to many as the best of the Juno series. There's something different about the oscillators and filter i believe. We, at one point, compared it to a Juno 60 and a Juno 106. The original 6 had a slightly bigger and beefier sound than that of the 60 (although the 60 offered patch recall). The 106 was the smoothest but lacked the "attitude" of the 6. For these reasons we have kept and used this Juno 6 for years and used it on many recordings. It has always deliver the BEST of the juno sound."

Anyone confirm the difference between the 6 and 60? The 106 is definitely different, but the 6 and 60 are supposed to be sonically identical.

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