Sunday, October 23, 2016

Schtang - Voicemail (Live DAWless Hardware Jam ft. Korg E2, ESX1 and Volca Keys) Ambient

Published on Oct 23, 2016 Schtang

"For a free download of this track in high quality, and loads more music, head to my Soundcloud:

I've been listening to loads of Murcof, Loscil and Muslimgauze lately and I hope you can see my inspiration. Please please please if you know any dark ambient artists write them in the comments below. I'm really enjoying this kind of music recently. Hopefully I will be writing a few more like this in the future!

Please leave any feedback in the comments, I'm interested to know what people think of this style.
Happy Listening :)"


  1. nice track, liking the water efx noises realy kool.good your using the esx top little groove box.
    the vocal sample fits in well. keep up the good work dude :)

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