Monday, October 31, 2016


Published on Oct 31, 2016 Sounds Like Joe

"A quick study of Alessandro Cortini's drone style while learning Mutable Instruments Yarns.

DAW Clock and Midi Notes - Yarns

Yarns Pt 1 CV - multiple - Braids & Rings V/Oct
Yarns Pt 1 Gate AR = 1 - Quadra - Linix Ch1 Braids
Yarns Clock - Grids
Yarns Midi Out - Eventide Space Midi In
Grids 1 - STO Kick via Linix Ch3
Grids 2 - Rings via Linix Ch5 for accents

Rings and Braids through Three Sisters VCF with Freq modulation from Quadra Ch2 triggered from Batumi with Quadra envelop scaled via Mutamix

Linix Sum - Clouds - Eventide Space - Stereo track
STO Kick - mono track"

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