Friday, November 18, 2016

Oberheim CPS1 Synthesizer Expander Module SN 0172 with CV Mods

via this auction

"This Oberheim CPS-1 Synthesizer Expander Module in perfect working condition. All internal and external parts are 100% original. It has a manufacture date of June 27, 1977. Cosmetically speaking, only the most minor scuffing is observable on the vertical front panel, and the sticker which read 'VCA CTRL' is faded ."

We always think of these as the SEM for Synthesizer Expander Module on the front, but the actual model number is CPS-1. Anyone know what the CPS stands for and if there was ever a CPS-2, 3, etc.? If I ever knew or posted it before, I forget. That does happen now and then. :)

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