Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sequential Circuits Pro One Synthesizer Synth J Wire SN 8519

via this auction

via this listing: "This is an original Pro One with a 37-note J-wire style keyboard. I have installed new Pratt & Read rubber bushings for the keys, and have kept this synth stored in my closet for the past 12 years. I also recapped the power supply and reflowed all the solder joints when I acquired the keyboard for my personal home studio. The previous owner drilled two holes in the case (see photos) for reasons I never understood. It never really bothered me, but could be a perfect location for MIDI in/out should you choose to go down that path.

I have just tested all keys, knobs, switches and both pitch wheels with my headphones, and all work great! Also included are the original operating and technical manuals. Both have been written in (original owner again), but are otherwise in fine shape."

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