Monday, November 21, 2016


via this auction

"1982 Oberheim OB-Xa (serial #821201)

This analog beauty was in housed in an Anvil case in climate controlled storage for some time
I used a Variac to slowly recharge the filter capacitors for a few days for safety
It fired right up and the oscillators tuned perfectly after a few minutes so had a tech go through it for piece of mind
He sprayed out all the pots, jacks and switches with DeOxit and compressed air and it sounds great
I have no way to test out the Cassette Tape memory so I can't vouch for that but I'm certain that's not too much of a problem in 2016
I have more photos than ebay would allow me to post but feel free to message me and I'll be glad to email them to you
All 12 or 24db/oct Curtis Filter Chips are intact as as best I and the tech can tell, this has never been modified
Original Sprague Orange Drops are plentiful for that vintage punch - this thing's low end is devastating
The Ob-Xa weighs easily 45lbs so shipping will be a flat $200 unless you want to pick it up in Los Angeles"

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