Sunday, November 27, 2016

Yamaha DX7 IIFD with E!

via this auction

"The Mark II version is a major step up from the original DX7. The DX7IIFD models added bi-timbrality with keyboard split and layering capabilities. This allows two voices to be layered in dual mode, providing very rich combinations of sounds that would otherwise be impossible with the original DX7. Voices can also be split across the keyboard, for a two part multi-timbral performance capability.

Grey Matter E! Upgrade (a rare $399 expansion card)

What, you may ask, can $399 get you for your shiny black FM machine? Would you believe eight-voice polytimbral capability? Would you believe a four-layer performance mode? Would you believe one-key control of arpeggios, ostinato patterns, and multi-timbral chords? Would you believe a 16-track sequencer? \

Engine is E's 16-channel event processor and operating system, which controls all of the DX's MIDI and performance functions. Its capabilities include storage of 256 patches and 128 performances, 16-channel MIDI mapping, and two auto-accompaniment modes. To top it off, you can store any setup (auto-accompaniment, MIDI maps, sequences) as a Performance, so a single DX button can be programmed to load everything you need. It will even load a file on the DX7IIFID's disk automatically. The other main modules in E! are Octal and SE!quencer."

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