Sunday, January 15, 2017

Carl Mikael's Cabinet of Curiosities Intro to Modular

Published on Jan 15, 2017 Carl Mikael's Cabinet of Curiosities

"This is a video adaptation of a live lecture I did during Eter Festival. There the subject was ”Introduction to Subtractive Synthesis”, but I felt I strayed into modular territories. So for this tutorial I’ve decided to split the content into two parts:

Intro to Modular - Part 1 Subtractive Synthesis (how to make bass, kick, hats and snare)
Intro to Modular - Part 2 Pulsewidth, Sync and FM (examples of lead and pad)

The examples take part on the Nord Modular. A superior environment for learning synthesis.

How to get Wine and the Nord Modular editor up and running under OSX:
About the Nord Modular:
More about Eter Festival:"

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