Tuesday, January 24, 2017


via this auction

I'm surprised at how underpriced these still are. They are not only virtual analog, but offer physical modeling, not available on other VAs. They were well respected when first released, but have somehow become underrated over time. Some argue the physical modeling on them do not stack up to the Yamaha VL synths. While that may be true regarding what they are meant to emulate, they still offer tonal textures and character not available on other VAs. That said, perhaps they should be compared to other VAs and not the Yamaha's VL series. They are monophonic though. The Z1 was said to be a polyphonic Prophecy. Although they share a similar synthesis engine, they actually are different - different parameters and slightly different presence if that make sense. It's too bad though, as a true poly Prophecy would have been pretty nice. I always wanted to hear a polyphonic version of the Prophetic Steps preset. You can find a demo of the patch and the Prophecy in general in this previous post.

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