Friday, February 17, 2017

An Interview with Dorit Chrysler on Why You Should Open Your Mind to the Theremin

You can find the interview here.

"My mission is to get more people excited about the theremin.” These are the words of Dorit Chrysler, composer, musician, and one of the theremin’s biggest champions. She founded Kid Cool Theremin School, where she teaches theremin classes to adults and children. Now she's begun a one-year residency at the Gaite Lyrique Museum in France that includes performances, lectures, and intensive long-term theremin classes co-taught with French thereminist Thomas Suire. This residency is part of a larger effort to open the hearts and minds of the greater public to the magic of the theremin. 'The theremin still needs to be established more in the pantheon of accepted music instruments,' Dorit explains. 'It’s just such a different, unusual interface, and it’s difficult to play, so it’s underestimated always.'"

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