Sunday, February 19, 2017


Published on Feb 19, 2017 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"It had to be done! wiring up a 2000 Volt Jacobs Ladder to a drum pad to make it musical!

kind of sounds like a special effects crash or something. but With ADDED SPARKS.

Built from a microwave. and some tinfoil. its definately a bit of a hack. and tends to overheat and smoke! wait for the end to see the fireworks.

completely live. on a home built Modular synth... the drum pads on the top trigger kick and snare. and 2 completely seperate synth voices for each of the 2 synth notes. these go into an arduino powered beat recorder. so only had to play the riff once and it automatically records it and re plays it, planning on doing a how to of that soon for people who want to build one. ran out of drum pads so used 2 toy drums with piezo mics glues onto them. there is a footswitch too which turns on an extra channel which the bass goes through an electro harmonix POG and some distortion for extra dynamic bits.

middle part is just a delay that one of the toy drum pads was going through. the great thing with the pt2399 delay is it stops working if the voltage goes too low. so the extreme end of the knob twist just shuts down the delay, making it great to turn on and off quickly and easily.

The Jacobs ladder was just mic'd up. tried keeping it as far away from the modular as possible to isolate the awesome sound it makes. but inevitably theres some bleed from the noise drum pads."

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