Saturday, February 11, 2017

Visits feat. Ornaments & Crimes

Published on Feb 11, 2017 Benjamin Kinsman

"Ornaments & Crimes running 'Sequin', dual 16 step sequences w/random order, clocked by QCD, s&h manipulation over sequences from Wogglebug.

Strings: Rings, sequenced my Ornaments & Crimes, brightness & damping modulated by Function & Maths. Into Clouds (granular processing mode W/little delay and reverb, freeze triggered & density modulated by Wogglebug).

Chord: Braids wt4x, triggered by QCE, internal modulation of colour. Into Phonogene (broken echo mode, gene-size & sos modulated by Wogglebug & Maths).

Rumble bass: Tides, sequenced by Ornaments & Crimes, triggered by QCD, slope & smoothness modulated by Wogglebug & Maths.

Arp, Drums, Bassline & Master clock courtesy of the OP1 in P0 sync mode."

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