Monday, March 27, 2017

ANGLE vs JOAO CESER - VORTEX (Tiptop Audio Records)

ANGLE vs JOAO CESER - VORTEX (Tiptop Audio Records) from Tiptop Film on Vimeo.

"After the first two compilations by Tiptop Audio Records (featuring artists such as Kink, Blawan, Surgeon, Drumcell, Richard Devine, etc.), the label is proud to announce a new EP by ANGLE & JOAO CESER entitled ‘Vortex’.

The pairing confirms the attitude of the label by promoting a collaboration between artists who share their love for the modular musical landscape.

This digital EP is released by the Californian label dedicated to sound research through the use of modular synthesizers, and includes 3 original tracks by ANGLE and 5 by ANGLE and Joao Ceser."

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