Monday, March 27, 2017

Jacques Mongrel - How I Learned To Love The Octatrack #1 + VLOG

Published on Mar 27, 2017 Jacques Mongrel

"VLOG English: 13:58, Español: 18:52, Catalá: 25:02, Français: 32:11
Playing out my first live Octatrack project after several years of sitting pretty on the memory card. Using the cue function to improvise more effectively. Radio, record, percussive samples combine to make some mid tempo jams, that start atmospheric and get more dancefloor friendly along the way. I edited the jam in a couple of places to shorten some longer passages and fix a couple of errors."


Jacques Mongrel - How I Learned To Love The Octatrack #2

Published on Apr 18, 2017 Jacques Mongrel

"Listening to and combining samples on the Octatrack for a new live set. There some English, French, Spanish and Catalan explanations at the start of the video. Then I improvise a little with another part of the project at 9:04. Please leave questions and suggestions in the comments. Thank you!"

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