Saturday, April 08, 2017

EDP WASP SN 002989

via this auction

"Rare, Collectable and Awesome Synth.
Unique sounding, Tuff, Bubbly, Buzzy, Fun and Swarmy.
Can be extremely powerful, dark & heavy.
It really does come up with very different sounds to all other synths ive owned & heard.
I am (obviously) quite enthused by the WASP.

Great thing is it sounds fantastic all the time! Very wide sweet spots on this, cant go wrong.
WASP is up there with my 3 faves, AKS, ARP2600 & WASP.
I am only selling as i have two (because i like it so much) this is the last of my inner collection which im willing to part with.

Wasp was working perfectly approx 2 years ago, i have recently taken out of storage and after testing have noticed the keyboard does not respond to touch. It does however trigger note and gate via link port (i use kenton with WASP expansion).

I will play with keyboard sensitivity adjustment and update if it starts working but at this stage is sold as keyboard not working to touch."

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