Friday, April 07, 2017


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"FB 383 offers all the same basic sounds and controls as the original TB-303 in a 1-unit rack module.

It has just 8 basic knobs for the same basic 303-like control: tune, filter cutoff, resonance, envmod, accent and decay.

Unlike the 303 however, the oscillator can be varied from sawtooth to square from a knob on the front!

Also featured is an external audio input to the filter for processing other elements.

The Freeform Analogue Technologies (FAT) Freebass FB383 (also sold as the MAM MB33) is a 1U 19-inch rack-mounting MIDI synthesizer module dedicated to doing just one thing - imitating the sounds of the Roland TB-303 Bassline.

It uses genuine analogue technology to produce the familiar 'acid' sounds, but adds MIDI control, so you don't have to cope with the Roland's quirky programming system - just hook up the Freebass to your MIDI sequencer, and play away.

Dispensing with fripperies such as patch memories and continuous controllers, the Freebass is all about live performance - once you start twiddling those knobs in real time, you'll be lost in a world of acid madness.

Features include MIDI input, selectable MIDI channel using DIP switches, an audio input for routing eternal sources through the Freebass filter, a single mono output, Auto-tune function, and controls for Tune, Wave (variable between square and sawtooth, so actually capable of a wider range of sounds than the Bassline), Filter Cutoff, Filter Resonance, Envelope Modulation Amount, VCA/VCF Accent (triggered when MIDI velocity signal is above a certain level), Envelope Decay and Master Volume."

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