Friday, April 28, 2017

Custom or New Roland JDXA MK2?

No details, just this image. You be the judge. I'm not seeing that much of a difference myself. It looks more like a slightly custom matte black JD-Xa with Jupiter-8 style side panels and some white instead of red on the left panel section. Knob caps are block vs. chrome. Not seeing much else different. Feel free to pick it apart w/ the original JD-XA below. If you notice anything else different leave a comment.


  1. looks great, but the 5 octave keyboard is photoshopped.

  2. I think it's all photoshopped. Looks like the panel of the XA 'shopped onto either a JP-6 or JP-8. Look at the way the body slopes just above the keys. Doesn't do that one the XA. And those side panels are all nicked up.

  3. Upon closer inspection, you can tell the panel is shopped just by how distorted it is. And if you look in the bender section, you can see the two little lines coming out on the left from the actual JP-8 graphics. Nice try though.