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"1985年に、セガから体感ゲーム第2弾としてリリースされたシューティングゲーム「SPACE HARRIER(スペースハリアー)」より「MAIN THEME」を、SPFM Light+OPNA(YM2608)モジュールを使って、YAMAHAシーケンサー「QY700」のMIDIシーケンスで演奏させてみました。"


"Using MAIN THEME", SPFM Light + OPNA (YM2608) module from the shooting game 'SPACE HARRIER (Space Harrier)' released as the second game of Sega from the Sega in 1985, YAMAHA sequencer 'QY 700' I tried to play with MIDI sequence. "

via Wikipedia:

"YM2608, a.k.a. OPNA, is a sixteen-channel sound chip developed by Yamaha. It's a member of Yamaha's OPN family of FM synthesis chips, and the successor to the YM2203. It was notably used in NEC's PC-8801/PC-9801 series computers.

The YM2608 comprises four internal modules:

FM Sound Source, a six-channel FM synthesis sound system, based on the YM2203
SSG Sound Source, a complete internal implementation of the Yamaha YM2149/SSG, a variant of the popular AY-3-8910/PSG for producing three channels of square wave synthesis.
ADPCM Sound Source, a single channel for samples in 8-bit ADPCM format at a sampling rate between 2–16 kHz
Rhythm Sound Source, a six-channel ADPCM system, enabling playback of six percussion "rhythm tones" from a built-in ROM
The FM Sound Source module includes six concurrent FM channels (voices, twice as many as the Yamaha YM2203), four operators per channel, with dual interrupt timers and an LFO. It also includes eight possible operator interconnections, or algorithms, for producing different types of instrument sounds.

The SSG, or Software-controlled Sound Generator, is Yamaha's YM2149 programmable sound generator. The YM2608 includes the SSG's 3 sound channels and dual 8-bit GPIO ports.

The YM2608 is used with a YM3016 stereo DAC..."

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